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Duas interessantes entrevistas para ler no PITCHFORK. Uma com RALF HUTTER, a alma dos Kraftwerk, e outra com o genial BRIAN ENO, um dos meus "heróis". De vez em quando, também se escreve sobre boa música no PITCHFORK. É raro, mas lá vai acontecendo... Aproveitem.

Destaco as passagens:
"One of the things I love about U2-- and it's one of the things that we're constantly arguing about, the balance of this-- is that they want to take everyone with them for the ride! [laughs] They don't want to let anyone go at any point! I'm always saying, "Look, if you're going to do something new, you're going to lose a few supporters along the way." And they really fight against that. They don't want to do that. I honestly don't think it's greed. It's not lust for money or lust for power. It's the feeling that everybody's got to be at the party: we're not going to make it unapproachable to anybody. I'm sure a big part of Bono's drive comes from the times he visits nightclubs-- he does, occasionally-- and sees 18-year-old girls dancing to records that aren't U2! [laughs] And I think that really bugs him! [laughs] I'm not quoting him here, but this what I imagine he's thinking: There's a whole audience here that we're not connecting with! Why aren't we connecting with these people?! So he's quite driven, in that sense, to conquer the world, actually."
"...there are ways of playing it safe, and for me playing it safe would be to-- since I don't really need the money-- to work with only sort of critically respectable, obscure, experimental indie bands." - BRIAN ENO.
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