* “I am not in the slightest bit interested in watching it or any other awards ceremony. They are all random. That one is about cash, and how much cash you can make, and lots of people sitting around patting themselves on the back for making cash.”
Entrevista com a senhora ALISON GOLDFRAPP ao Times Online.

* "When you don't remember your name, or who anybody is, and it takes four years to get your memory to catch back, you only want reality. Everything depends upon being told the truth, and you have to understand how much a lie can hurt when you're in that position. That's why there was many a time I've hated journalists. They seem to practice deadly sins: lying, envy and greed. And instead of informing people, they feed them celebrity candy floss."
JOHN LYDON de língua afiada no The Quietus.

* "The problem with the big record labels is that they're not willing to have A & R people say 'You know what? New kid on the block, we think you're special. You have your whole life and career ahead of you, so sure, we're going to try to control and manipulate you, but you're an artist after all, and we're going to stick by you throughout your career and the ups and the downs. Because we're going to bet that if you have that stability in your life, and a relationship with a record label who looks after your recordings and what not, it's going to pay dividends"
O vocalista e mentor dos Pixies, FRANK BLACK, em discurso directo no The Quietus.

* "Oh yeah, XTC, that’s a good one. Simple Minds, that was a cocaine album. [Laughs.] Hey, it was the ’80s. Everybody took drugs in the ’80s. I don’t do that anymore. But I better not talk about drugs… might hurt my chances at American Idol. "
Deliciosa a entrevista que o super-produtor STEVE LILLYWHITE deu ao site AVCLUB. Para quem não conhece, importa referir que este tipo trabalhou com algumas dos nomes maiores da galáxia Pop dos últimos 30 anos. Desde os U2, aos Siouxsie & The Banshees, passando pelos Psychedelic Furs, Simple Minds, XTC, Talking Heads, Ultravox, Peter Gabriel e muitos, muitos outros. A lista é interminável. Actualmente é também júri no programa "American Idol".

* O dono deste "estabelecimento" em destaque no blogue MUSIC STUFF. Agradeço o convite.